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We wanted to produce a range of Travel Card Wallets that were both stylish and practical. Wallets that people would not only like looking at but also find interesting and useful.

Oyster Holders and Travel Card Wallets are something that millions of people use every day, so why shouldn’t they earn their place in someone’s back pocket or handbag?

For us, the first wallet we produced achieved what we were looking for. Featuring the London Underground map in its entirety the Tube map oyster wallet offered iconic design as well as something Londoners would find extremely useful, a Tube map. The process by which the first prototypes were made involved folding and cutting the Underground map lines, and this helped us find a name for our growing business, Crafted Lines.

We designed our wallets to be a step above the rest, offering something extra and something different. All our wallets are printed on the inside as well as the outside. The artwork often carries over onto the inside to give a wrap around effect, which gives the product a feel of completeness. They have an inner cushioning to add a feeling of comfort in your pocket, and come with a special cut out pocket to house those cards you don’t often need to take out of the wallet itself, e.g. Oyster Card or Contactless Card.

We hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about our story and enjoy browsing our website too.