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Tube Map Oyster Wallet

Displaying every single station on the London Underground map the Tube map oyster wallet offers complete peace of mind when travelling around London. And is the perfect place to keep your oyster card.

If you are carrying your oyster card around London then you will always have it wrapped up neatly in the Tube map. No need for paper maps, wall maps or even mapping apps!

How does it work?

As seen in the above video, all of Zone 1 is shown on the outside stretching west to Heathrow and east to Canary Wharf and beyond. Flip the wallet over onto the inside to follow your journey north or under to follow your journey south.

Your oyster card fits snugly into a specially designed pocket on the inside, to keep it tucked away and out of sight so you can still see all of the stations on map. There are two additional pockets on the inside to house credit cards/ID cards etc.

The inside also displays the line and icon guide for those more unfamiliar with the network. And on the opposite side are useful Transport for London contact details if ever needed.

Anything else?

Henry Beck’s schematic design of the London Underground network was originally created in 1931 and subsequently almost every other train map in the world has been based on this same concept. The Tube map travel wallet will not only help you on your day to day travels around London but will also ensure you have one of history’s best loved pieces of design work in your pocket.

Nice, how can I get one?

Simply click here, or contact us to find out who are your local stockists.